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Community Participation Supports - 100% Community

This service is a direct (face-to-face) service that involves participation in integrated community settings, in activities that involve persons without disabilities who are not paid or unpaid caregivers.

Activities are expected to increase the individual’s opportunity to build connections within his/her local community and include (but are not limited to) the following supports for: 

*Prevocational skill development

*Participation in community activities, groups, associations, or clubs to develop social networks with community organizations and clubs

*Identification of and participation in activities that provide purpose and responsibility

*Building and maintaining relationships and social networks that provide friendship and support

*Participation in community opportunities related to the development of hobbies or leisure/cultural interests or to promote personal health and wellness (e.g. yoga class, hiking group, walking group, etc.)

*Engaging in community adult learning opportunities

*Participation in in formal/informal associations or community/neighborhood groups

*Selecting and participating in in volunteer opportunities

*Opportunities focused on training and education for self-determination and self-advocacy

*Learning to navigate the local community, including using public transportation and/or private transportation and other transportation options available in the local area

*Developing and/or maintaining reciprocal relationships with members of the broader community

*Assisting individuals with disabilities and family caregivers with providing mutual support to one another (through service/support exchange) and contributing to others in the community

Ultimately, the service should result in the person: 

*Increasing potential for employment

*Developing and sustaining a range of valued social roles and relationships 

*Building natural supports

*Increasing independence

*Experiencing meaningful community participation and inclusion.

"There is no greater disability in society, than the inability to see a person as more."

-Robert Hensel

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